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z pryszczycą? One year passed, when Friesian delegation was at our schools in Poland and the time of our return-visit was coming very quickly. First, we were invited on the 20.-25. of April 2001. One week before our departure, we got a message about the national tragedy - the mouth disease. It was a very big problem and special measures of precaution were taken and the population did not have any permission to move anywhere. The visit at that time was held. The year, which passed wasn't lost for sure. We made, thanks to Jacek Wojcik - the website ( ) about the visit of our guests from Friesland. We wrote a few e - mails but we did not enter the most important relations between the children from Warns and Lipnica. 11 września
The second invitation of Polish delegation to Friesland was announced on 14. - 19. of September 2001. We had to pack only and take care of insurance. Everything was prepared earlier in the spring. The last meeting of our group was in Sierakowice, where the author of our project - Renata Mistarz - resides. She was about two hours late because she had to take part in a very important meeting in the parish house in Chmielno. The parents of this parish are still fighting for a formation of the Kashubian grammar school in Brzestowo. Renata came with bad news: there wasn't any compromise. We discussed a lot of things about our trip to Holland. Later, it turned out, that Renata cannot go with us. She had a lot of problems at work as the headmaster in Sierakowice. It's a pity. Only 12 people went to Holland (like 12 apostles). Everybody knew, that it's a very important mission. On the 13. of September we went to Friesland. First, our bus went to Kartuzy, Borzestowo. The date "13" was unlucky. All the world was shocked because of the terrorist - attacks in the USA on the 11. of September. A lot of people were dead. The new century began very dramaticly . So, this is our contemporary world: the world of big differences, intolerance, violence, terrorism… We were afraid that our visit would be cancelled but there was no reason: our trip took effect. We went to Holland to strengthen Kashubian - Friesian contacts. We had to become acquainted with their culture and religion. We had to learn to live with globalism and not submit it. wyjazd We started our trip in Lipnica, where we were waiting - together with Rafal Maliszewski - my traveling companion, English and German translator - for a mini bus, which took us to Holland. In Lipnica we were waiting with a delegation from Kramarzyny also: with Jacek Wojcik and Grzegorz Starzynski. In the bus the fallowing people expected us: Halina Bobrowska and Halina Kaczykowska from Glodnica, Zofia Jaskot and Katarzyna Socha from Szemuda, Elzbieta Scibor and Agnieszka Deling from Jastrzebia Gora, Krystyna Szlachetka and Joanna Lewandowska from Borzestowo. We had a very long journey, over 1200 kilometres. It passed luckily and without problems. On the way we were admiring a beautiful landscape. We were integrating with the whole group and an excellent atmosphere reigned all the time. piękne tulipany
We crossed the German - Dutch frontier, without customs office, at noon. We could admire a very typical Dutch landscape: plain and a lot of canals all the time. There were not any fallows. On the field there was cattle and horses first of all. We could see, that Dutch farms were very big. There were first sings that we were achieving our aim. We could see the Friesian flags. A few minutes after 3 o'clock p.m. we arrived at our agriculture camp "Weidumerhout" in Weidum. Thanks to a very detailed map we got there without problems. In a while Jelle Bangman came to welcome us. After a very short rest, Jelle took us to the village, where he lives, for a meal. The dinner was very delicious. Our sleeping house was remade. Earlier it was a farm - house. There we found good conditions for discussions and for a rest. In spite of tiredness we experienced hospitality in Jacek's and Grzegorz's room, where we were preparing our musical repertoire. wiatrak
On Saturday - the 15. of September after breakfast, our Friesian friends came. The greeting was very heartily. We could see, that everybody was on good terms with each other. Among the hosts there was our sympathetic Marleen. At noon we talked about a very important thing: we established a plan of cooperation for the whole year in our schools in Warns and Lipnica. Together with Marleen and Rafal we determined, that our children would be in a contact per e - mails and right now it's enough. We hope, that in the future we will exchange our pupils. After our official meeting we went to Leeuwarden to visit the Friesian Radio and Television. There we watched a very interesting educational film. Our host - Rein Tolsma - answered questions and after that invited us for a lunch in the canteen. A reflection after a visit in the Friesian Radio and TV came immediately: we haven't any Kashubian radio and television. Our short programs cannot compete with their radio and TV ones. I wonder in Poland there would be people, who are so courageous and could lead Kashubian radio and television. The RTV Fryslan has a very important function: it takes part in teaching at Friesian schools, because a large majority of programs is educational. At the end of our visit in RTV Fryslan we got a few gifts. Thank you very much. In the afternoon we were visiting the town. The town is beautiful: interesting houses, cleanness, canals, bridges, old building. Apart from architectural - spiritual sensation, we have something for a body. We were tasting different cuisines from all the world. That evening we ate - among others things - Indonesian dishes. Than we were guests in a school where Jelle told about the new project of Friesian Three Languages School. We got acquainted with educational materials. Our friends had a lot of books, which served for teaching Frisish. We had one primer only and two newly published Kashubian books. The teachers from this schools prepared very interesting games for that evening, which are used by the children every day. Emotions were big and we had a good time. In the end nobody got a prize for the first place but our hosts deserved it. kościółek
The next day - Sunday - the 16. of September began in the St. Nyk church where we attended a mass. A temple was very imposing especially with our Kashubian dresses. We also heard a parish choir. It was a real concert, not a Sunday mass only. The priest welcomed us very cordially in Dutch and after his greeting we heard a welcome by a Dutch woman of the Polish descent. After the mass we met in the parish - house where we drank coffee. Than we had a walk through the village St. Nyk. Just like in Leeuwarden we loved beautiful houses, clean streets, blooming gardens. Our housing - in comparison with the Friesian one - looked more massive. During the walk we were surprised by the Dutch weather. Once it's raining other time it's shining. Than we had lunch at "De Paadwizer" school. The school is very similar to other ones in Holland but different to Polish conditions. Except the equipment - excess, the Dutch school has another construction. Accommodations are available both for students and for teachers. In the hall you can find everything: books, textbooks, copier etc. They aren't afraid that pupils would devastate anything. In the classroom there were a lot of work - places. Students were still moving from one place to the other. In the one - they sing, in another - they read stories. kominek
We had a lot of attraction. In the afternoon we arrived at Eksmoarre, where we visited an old Friesian village. We bought typical Friesian products. In Poland we have also very old Kashubian houses, but it's always interesting to see where and how the people lived. It's the last point of our common - program. Everybody went to the hosts' home. Rafal and me went with Marleen to Warns. The visit at Marleen's home started with a meal. We were together with Halina Bobrowska, Halina Kaczykowska and Ep. We all had a very delicious dinner. It was a characteristic dish for the people who work hard on arable land (after dinner we should work on the field and not walk through the village). In the evening we started preparing the next day's visit in the school. Together with Marleen and her husband we watched a video film about our region in Poland. I was trying to explain everything and Rafal translated a content of the film and my commentary. The atmosphere at Marleen's home was very warm. We were seating by the fireplace, among burning candles, which were fixed in different places of the house. The room where we were living during our stay, was made accessible for us by the oldest Marleen's son, whose name was Axel. Axel has one little sister and two twin brothers. The Marleen's children appeared very sociable and lovable. They were very polite and well - behaved. Marleen said , that the children were so polite in our company only but we did not believe it. uczeń
Monday, the 17. of September was the most difficult day of our visit. We had to present ourselves well at partner school " De Skoalfinne" in Warns. I had a Kashubian dress and I had to sing and to say something about our school and the region. We visited all pupils - groups. In Friesland there was no age - division as it is in Poland. In one class there could be students, who were six, seven and eight years old. First we visited the youngest and we were astonished: the four years old children went to school. We were singing the Kashubian anthem and counting buttons on my frock - coat in Frisish and Kashubish. The longest chat we had with the oldest group, which will keep in touch with our children. We talked about Kashubian symbols: the flag, the eagle, the Kashubian dress , the sevencoloured embroidering and the situation of our local community. Everybody could see an authentic snuff - box and the local headmaster took a snuff together with us. Next I played the accordion and sang Marleen's favourite song "Od blotka do blotka" with the chorus "Hej lej, lej.". The time passed very quickly and the children talked to us willingly. Than we gave the children the presents we had taken for them in Poland. szkoła
The children in Warns started the lessons at 8.30 a.m. Between 12.00 and 13.15 they had a lunch break. We had a break too and we prepared a meal at school. The parents came to school punctually and took their children home. The second part of the lessons lasted about two hours (the children went home at half past three in the afternoon). All the time we admired a very good cooperation between parents and the school. At school there was a lot of children's pictures. One thing is interesting for us: there are no school - buses. In Lipnica we have a lot of problems with the transport of children. In Warns there are only fifty pupils. It's clear there are less problems and work is more pleasant. Our local - community would go bankrupt immediately, because there is no place in Polish school-system for such small schools . Unfortunately, our country is poorer than Holland and we could notice it a lot of times. miła wyprawa
After the visit at school we had some free time to ride a bicycle. We were visiting a lot of interesting places. First: a Protestant church. I was in such a church for the first time and it was a new experience. Ep asked me if I could play the organs. I didn't refuse and felt like at home. In Warns there are three Protestant churches and one Catholic chapel. Unfortunately, people go to church very seldom and it's very different from the Polish mentality. The Polish people are more pious . Only about 5 % of the Dutch inhabitants attend divine service systematically. Than we visited a cow-farm. We could see the most modern arrangements to milk cows. Everything is under control thanks to computer and a man don't need go to the cow- shed all day round. The farm is supported by two brothers. They told us a lot of interesting things, for example how to keep a farm. Polish farmers didn't believe that two people only can keep such a big farm. Unfortunately, the Dutch weather didn't allow us to continue our trip. We went back home, getting wet but a moment later we continued the trip by car. We went to the North Sea, where we had an opportunity to see smallest harbour in the world, in Lachsum. In the car Marleen and Ep were telling interesting historic stories about their region and country. We could admire a beautiful landscape - so different from Poland. That day the dinner was prepared by Ep's daughter. She is a very experienced cook, so dinner was delicious. The evening we spent at Marleen's home singing Kashubian and Fresian songs and telling funny stories. We were not alone- a few guests came to us: Halina Bobrowska, Halina Kaczykowska with Ep and Krystyna Szlachetka, Joanna Lewandowska with Willy. Later in the evening we visited a port-town Hindeloppen, where the people speak their own language. wyprawa statkiem
The meeting on Tuesday (the 17. of September) was planned for 12.15 p.m. in the Province House, so we had some free time to organize a small trip. The most interesting was a water dam on the canal which equalized water level between the sea area and the land. We could see it, because one ship would like to go the sea and the service staff had to pump the water. The water - level rose to about nine metres. Everybody knows, that Dutch people are masters of land melioration. They learnt for a long time how to subjugate the sea. Our stay at Marleen's home was over - it's a pity! But everything good ends very quickly . We convinced ourselves, that Marleen, Ep and their families were very friendly and pleasant. How many times we were laughing, it's difficult to count. In the Province House we were dead on time. Elzbieta, Agnieszka and me wanted to present ourselves in the Kashubian dress. Before the official meeting started, we were invited to have lunch. A very rich - served table didn't make possible thinking what would happen in a moment. Our meeting was planned with the Representative Person of the Dutch Authority in the hall of the Province House. His name was Siem Jansen. The RTV Fryslan was also present at our meeting. After Mr. Jansen's short speech, Jelle began his speech. At the end of the speech, he offered taking a snuff as a sign of peace and long cooperation. Finally, we signed a cooperation - agreement between our schools. It's one of the most solemn moment of our visit. Many people felt like participants of a very important world event. There was one more important event during the ceremony: Willy Riemers become a member of the Kashubian Association - " Zrzeszenie Kaszubsko - Pomorskie". After the official part of our meeting we visited the beautiful Province House and were present at an interesting lecture, which was given by doctor Alex Riemers - the secretary of the Friesian Language Council. Than we visited the Friesian House - the center of language, art and Friesian culture. Our leave - taking time was quickly to an end. The last evening we spent in Flinkenboskje together with our all friends and their spouses. There we ate double - dutch. We danced a lot, and a rhythmic music - performed by "Cajun Beano" band - accompanied us all the evening. Everybody got a CD to remember the "Cajun Beano" music. We song a lot of Friesian and Kashubian songs and went to bed very late (actually in the morning). It wasn't so easy to say goodbye after such successful visit. We were so sad, that our visit in Friesland was over. koniec
On Saturday - the 19. of September - we came back and visited Amsterdam on the way. It's raining all the time and the weather was awful. In the bus we were discussing a lot of thinks connected with our visit in Friesland. We hope our cooperation between the schools will be satisfactory and will bring a lot of profits for our pupils. I would like to thank one more time for your cordial hospitality and I only say: see you soon!
Andrzej Lemanczyk from Lipnica
Translated by Rafał Maliszewski

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