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( 27/th of September - 2/nd Oktober 2002 )

w szkole The teacher's and headmaster's delegation from Friesland came on visit to Kashubian land after two years cooperation between our schools. The preparations to entertain the quests started in the spring. Our meetings had been held in Gdansk, Szemud and Kartuzy. Everything was arranged by Elżbieta Ścibor from Jastrzębia Góra. We've got help from the Education Department by The Kashubish Council Association at the head of Renata Mistarz. The teacher's course and the partial costs of the visit defrayed the Local Center of Teacher's Training and Advisory in Kartuzy under the supervision of Anna Dereń. Althought the preparation period wasn't long enough, our level of preparing for the event was incredible sufficient. My teachers from the school in Lipnica inquired about the planned visit during the Teacher's Council in August. Teachers were encouraged to participate the programme "Regional Europe" (organized by the Local Centre of Teacher's Training and Advisory in Kartuzy). I didn't have to persuade them about the advantages of that programme. There were ten teachers interested in that course: Alina Drzazga, Anna Dyngosz-Prądzyńska, Zdzisława Wera, Gabriela Dargac, Bogusława Świątek Brzezińska, Danuta Depka Prondzinska, Jolanta Rymon Lipinska, Lucyna Modrzejewska, Marzena Warnke and Maria Reszka. They were more than happy to take part in entertaining the headmaster and our guests from Friesland. Normally expected, the teachers commited them selvs to the task seriously. The first part of the teacher's training took place in Wieżyca (20/th - 22/nd of September 2002). The second part took place in Starbienino (27/th - 29/th of September 2002). The atmosphere during the training was very friendly. Teachers from Lipnica were very active and our frisish guests felt at home. There was a possibility to practice our foreign languages skills during their visit. Peter Braam - the headmaster from Warns - is very well- wishing, warm - hearted and open - minded. My teachers described him as a good communicator. The common teacher's training took place in the 28/th of September. Our friends had more time to visit some beautiful places in the Kashubian land. In the evenings we song by the bonfire and shared our different cultures and personalities. laski
The teachers training finished on the 29/th of September (on Sunday) but without our guests from Friesland. We could be acquainted with new teaching's methods, which will be used in our work with the children. On Sunday morning the headmasters of the partnerschools from Lipnica, Kramarzyny, Szemud, Jastrzębia Góra, Borzestowo, Głodnica and Tuchomie went with our gests to Gdańsk. We walked downtown and enjoyed the concert performed by the Navy. Gdańsk looked like it was welcoming our guests from Friesland. There was a opportunity to by some souvenirs. Wałęsa After the walk we took part in the service in Polanka Church with the former Polish President - Mr Lech Wałęsa (the laureate of the peace - nobelprize).Unfortunately the service was very modest (there was no organ - music). After the service we met Mr President personally. Our discussions with him were very interesting and satisfactory. During an one - hour meeting we talked about languages, cultures and customs of our region. I think our gusts were impressed by Mr Lech Wałęsa, especially, that the meeting took place on the President's birthday. We happly sang " Sto lat " and the English version - " Happy birthday to you" for the President. It was an occasion to take photos with him as well. After the meeting, we went to the Oliwa's cathedral, where we could enjoy the organ - music concert. For a lunch we went to the new Kashubian Association base in Rumia. The food was delicious. Unfortunately we couldn't stay in Rumia long due to the distance between Rumia and Lipnica. During the lunch we've been introduced to the Local Authorities. We spent the night in Borzyszkowy. It was already late, when we arrived. Two teachers accompanied me on Sunday: Maria Latuszewska and Gabriela Dargac. We spent a very nice day and I could do with some extra vocabluries.
That Monday will stay in our memories for a long time. Teachers from Lipnica prepared lessons according to the plan fantastlicly. The children from 4., 5. and 6. class had another lessons on this day. Each group of the children worked together with two teachers and covered one subject. At 10 o'clock a.m. there was a symbolic welcome to our guest from the pupils with some bread and salt. We enjoyed the concert of our local folk- band "Małe Gochy" and after that we started again working in groups. Then were was a possibility to take part in an appointment with our local community leader - Leopold Jankowski and our teachers. As a result of this appointment, there is two - sided wish to organize pupil's exchange between Warns and Lipnica with the financial support of our local parish. It's possible, that such an exchange will take place during the coming holiday. After official talkes, we went to the classrooms, where we could observe the pupils work. At 12.30 p.m. we summed up the pupil's work at the main school's hall and then we presented the results of their work. The first group presented on the glass, the second group sang the Frisish and Kashubish songs and presented Kashubish embroidery as well. smacznego The others boasted of an English - German - Polish - Kashubish - Frisish dictionary and the Kashubish - Frisish symbols. The fourth group presented a small performance based on a text by our local artist - Józef Bruski. The children from the next group talked about this, what they saw during the short excursion in the region of Lipnica. They presented very interesting natural informations provided with the Kashubish - Frisish designations. The last group seasoned very delicious Kashubish dishes and presented pictures of the Kashubish landscape. During that day we admired the occasional exhibition in the school's hall in particular artistic horn's goods and products from our forests. Our guests was presented with a lot of different gifts from our children. One part of them is a result of the children's work. After the lunch we had a chat with our guest and teachers. We enjoyed delicious cake baked by teachers and then we finished the evening accompanied with the guitar and accordion. trio
The last day of Peter's visit in Lipnica we spent in Wdzydze Kiszewskie where we admired the Kashubish Scansen Museum. We wanted to feel the spirit of our ancestors. Then we visited the beautiful old castle in Bytów.It was like a completion of the visit in the scansen. We were having the lunch in Jaś Kowalski club together with our friends from Kramarzyny and their guests. The visit ended in Jastrzębia Góra. The hospitality of our friends from there is wellknown. We enjoyed the delicious sea-meal: fish and a lot of dainties. After the short performance of the local pupils and interesting exhibition we enjoyed the Kashubish song "kaszubskie nuty" performed by our guests from Friesland. We spent the time very lovely, laughing and joking all the time. Unfortunately this nice visit had to finish but we became richer with new expiriences, reflections and remembrances.

I'd like to thank all my teachers for cooperation - project between our school and the school in Warns. I'd like to thank everyone devoting their time and charing their skills. I'm very proud of my teachers and all school. I hope to continue our intentions and I confide they'll be fulfilled soon. Special thanks to all, who were anxious about the organization of our commom visit in Starbienino, Gdańsk and Jastrzębia Góra.
Lipnica, October 2002
Andrzej Lemańczyk
Translated by Rafał Maliszewski

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