Meritain Prior Authorization List (2024)

1. For providers - Meritain Health provider portal

  • Log in to your Meritain Health provider portal to access patient eligibility, claims information, forms and more.

2. Online Certification Process

  • Welcome to the Meritain Health benefits program. **Please select one of the ... PLEASE NOTE: The Precertification Request form is for provider use only.

  • Welcome to the Meritain Health benefits program.

3. What is Precertification and Why Do I Need It? - Meritain Health

4. Precertification Lists - Aetna

  • See our precertification lists or utilize our CPT code lookup to see whether a procedure or service requires prior approval. Discover the Aetna difference.

5. [PDF] Precertification

  • Meritain Health's Medical Management program is designed to ensure you and your eligible dependents receive the right healthcare while avoiding unnecessary ...

6. [PDF] Instructions for Submitting Requests for Predeterminations

  • 1. Always verify eligibility and benefits first. 2. You must also complete any other pre-service requirements, such as preauthorization, if applicable and ...

7. Provider services - Meritain Health

  • Find more information about how to contact us and learn more through our provider portal. Visit the Meritain Health Provider Services page.

8. Resources for Members - Meritain Health insurance and provider search

  • The Authorization for Release of Information form is required according to ... All About Precertification. Meritain Health. Search. Info. Shopping. Tap to ...

  • You can find more information about your Meritain Health insurance, get support from our service specialists, and more when you log in.

9. [PDF] Precertification

  • It's easy to precertify. Your provider will often handle your precertification, but as an active participant in your health care, you.

10. [PDF] Instructions for Submitting Requests for Predeterminations

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Meritain Prior Authorization List (2024)


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