Summer Transition Engineering Program (STEP) (2024)

Summer Transition Engineering Program (STEP) (1)The BrownSummer Transition Engineering Program (STEP)is an empowering, hybrid undergraduate pre-orientation program designed to foster inclusion, community, and inspiration needed to thrive in engineering.

  • STEP students learn more about engineering, with an emphasis on underrepresented inclusion and community.
  • Students additionally engage with the various support resources available across the University and the School of Engineering.
  • No prior engineering experience is required.
  • Students will engage in technical exercises and community building events.

The online portion of the program will take place July 8 - August 16, with an additional residency option. Students opting into theSTEPresidency portion of the program will engage in specialized engineering cohort-building activities on campus from August 19 - 23, prior to the official start of the semester.

For more information aboutSTEP, and other inclusion initiatives in the School of Engineering, please contact Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Megan Russell

Summer Transition Engineering Program (STEP) (2)Summer Transition Engineering Program (STEP) (3)Summer Transition Engineering Program (STEP) (4)

Frequently asked questions:

The goal of STEP is to empower and support incoming students who areinterested in exploring engineering at Brown. This includes exposure to keymathematical concepts and problem-solving exercises that engineers are likely toencounter during the first year of engineering studies at Brown.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to meet first-year professors, socialize online with your incoming peers, and learn more about the resources available tostudents on campus. We will also provide support for thriving in engineering(growth mindset, effective study skills, preparing for office hours, communicationstyles, etc.)

Yes, all incoming engineering undergraduates are eligible to attend STEP.

The cost of attending STEP Online and/or STEP Residency is covered by theinstitution at $0.00 cost to students and their families.

Yes! We encourage students to spend at least 5 hours per week on mathproblems and growth mindset topics. Students who wish to take full advantage ofall practice problems and learning modules can expect, on average,approximately 15-20 hours per week.

We encourage students to complete as much work as they can reasonablymanage while balancing other priorities in their lives. We recognize that many ofour students are often very busy during the summer prior to matriculation. Weintentionally designed STEP Online as a flexible program, with asynchronouslearning modules, recorded live sessions, and a private online social platformavailable at each student’s convenience.

In order to fully participate in the in-person STEP Residency, students will needto be able to move into their assigned dorm room on Monday, August 19th.

We are able to accommodate a larger number of students online, however, thein-person program has limited space. We encourage interested students toexpress their desire to participate in the program as soon as possible.

No, STEP participation and assignments will not be graded. Completing therecommended coursework will not impact your grades or transcript.

Participation in STEP is merely advantageous for your own learning inintroductory math concepts necessary for engineering, and also to developresilience and a growth mindset to help you to thrive in engineering.

The STEP curriculum is designed to expose you to key concepts that you are likely to encounter when taking the core introductory engineering sequence atBrown (ENGN 0030 or 0032, ENGN 0040, ENGN 0051) and intro math sequence(MATH 0100 or 0190, MATH 0180 or 0200).

Both! While you will have non-graded assignments to help build your engineeringand math conceptual skills, you will also have the opportunity to get to know your classmates prior to the start of the semester.

You will additionally have the opportunity to meet key engineering administrators,your professors, current upper level engineering students, and campus center directors.

We will also explore what it means to be an engineer, effective communicationacross personality styles, growth mindset, study tips, and more to help you thrive in engineering and beyond.

Yes! STEP students are encouraged to participate in the Third World TransitionProgram (TWTP) and/or the International Mentoring Program (IMP), and otherpre-orientation programs as your schedule allows.

Students that opt to not participate in a subsequent orientation program afterSTEP Residency concludes on August 23rd can still participate in STEP online.

Students who have had limited exposure to calculus will start with the SingleVariable Calculus sequence, which includes topics such as functions, differentiation, and integration.

Students who have mastered single variable calculus will start with topics suchas matrix algebra, differential equations, and numerical methods.

Both math group options will include a vector calculus module.

Both groups will additionally cover topics in growth mindset, learning how to learn, study skills, resilience, office hour tips, suggestions for finding engineering internships, and other related enrichment topics.

You will participate in an engineering team project, facilitated by an engineering faculty member. During this project, you will conduct measurements, collect data, analyze your data, and report your findings.

In addition to the engineering group project, students will engage in various teambuilding activities across campus and get to meet the key stakeholders who canoffer support during their time at Brown (i.e. campus resource directors, etc.).

STEP Residents will also participate in an off-campus field trip.

All housing and meals will be covered by the program. STEP Residents will beeligible to move in early to their dorms on Monday, August 19th.

Additionally, STEP Residents will receive a $100 stipend in their student accountto cover incidentals during the residency week.

We advise all financial aid students to reach out to the Financial Aid Office and also consult with your assigned coordinator from the Bursar’s Office.

In addition, we advise international students to contact the Office of International Students and Scholars at your earliest convenience.

While participation in STEP is currently limited to incoming engineering students, we may be able to make exceptions for rising sophom*ores, as space allows, on acase-by-case basis. Please reach out to Associate Dean Megan Russell immediately to discuss your situation. Shouldcapacity be reached for the program, you will be placed on a waiting list andnotified when more space is available.

Summer Transition Engineering Program (STEP) (2024)


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